Dendrobena small


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1 KG, 5 KG, 500 gram

Storage advice

For optimal quality, the worms should be stored at a temperature between 7 and 14 degrees. The best way to store your worms, is to use a refrigerator. This is not really necessary, but it does ensure that the worms are being kept in optimal condition. The worms are not really keen on temperature fluctuations, so we advise to keep the temperature as stable as possible. It is also not wise to keep the worms in the sun. A temperature of above 25 degrees is deadly for the worms.
If you want to achieve the optimal result when fishing, it is important that the worms are in excellent condition. Therefore it is unwise to store European Nightcrawler worms for too long. The storage period has a maximum of 3 weeks. You can only keep the worm for a longer period, when using a flat seed tray. The European Nightcrawler worms need a big surface to stay in excellent condition.


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